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Overcome Objections to Nail the Sales
Back If you are like most sales professionals you are always looking for ways to overcome customer objections and close the sale. This workshop will help you plan, prepare and execute proposals and presentations that address customer concerns, reduce the number of objections you encounter and improve your batting average at closing the sale.  

  • Introduction and Course Overview
  • Credibility
  • Your Competition
  • Critical Communication Skills
    • Listening           
    • Listening for Accuracy    
    • Powerful Questions
  • Observing
  • Customer Service Complaints
  • Overcoming Objections  
  • How Can Teamwork Help Me?
    • Why Work as a Team?
    • Pricing Issues
  • Handling other Objections
  • Buying Signals
  • Closing the Sale
    • Closing Techniques
    • Top Fifteen Activities That Make You Successful at Closing the Sale