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Public Speaking: Speaking under Pressure
Back This two-day workshop has been designed for those who are in positions where they must speak in front of audiences that are hostile or demanding. This material is also suitable for those who are relatively new speakers who want some encouragement to speak up in meetings or who want some training before they begin making presentations on behalf of the organisation. 

This course is aimed at improving your skills and learning some new techniques which will give you the persuasive edge when you are making a presentation, fielding difficult questions, or presenting complex information. The course includes several exercises where the participant will have to prepare and present speeches of varying length and with varying notice. 

  • Introduction and Course Overview          
  • What is Speaking Under Pressure?          
  • Planning                       
  • Force Field Analysis                   
  • Pros and Cons  
  • Understanding Your Audience     
  • Controlling your Jitters               
  • Making Your Listener Hear You   
    • Key Ideas                     
    • Finding Common Ground                        
    • Key Sentences  
  • A Plan to Structure Ideas           
    • The Three-Part Plan       
    • Building a Three-Part Plan          
  • Organisation     
    • Using Time, Place, and Aspect    
    • Two Additional Plans      
  • Our Body Language       
  • Beginnings and Endings
  • Expanding a Basic Plan  
  • Preparation, Presentations, and Evaluation