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Meeting Management
Back Meetings come in all shapes and sizes, from the convention to a quick huddle in an office hallway. This one-day program will be concerned with small working meetings--with groups that have a job to do requiring the energy, commitment, and talents of those who participate. 

Members of such a group want to get some kind of result out of their time together; solving problems, setting goals or priorities, or simply defining with each other some mutual needs and fears and hopes. At its best, such a group knows what it is about, and knows and utilises the strengths of individual members. 

  • The Basics for Effective Meetings
  • The Best and the Worst of Meetings
  • Holding Meetings
  • Preparing for Meetings
  • Agendas
  • Setting the Place
  • Meeting Preparation
  • Leading a Meeting
  • Your Role As Group Leader
  • Process and Content
  • What is a Facilitator? Why Have One?
  • Key Behaviours for a Facilitator
  • How to Control a Meeting
  • Difficult Meeting Participants