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Inventory Management: The Nuts and Bolts
Back No business can survive very long without an effective program of controls over the parts and materials that are used in producing or distributing goods and services of the firm. Like many other things that depend on human interpretation, “control” means different things to different individuals. 

This is a workshop for you, the warehouse or stockroom manager, the person in charge of what comes in and goes out in your company. You want a smooth and cost-effective operation, with enough products on hand to satisfy needs without stockpiling too much. 

  • What is Inventory?
  • Types of Inventory
  • Goals of Inventory
  • Industry Trends
  • Your Customers
  • Your Staff
  • Working as a Team
  • The Warehouse Inventory Cycle
  • Strategies for Improving Your Inventory
  • Warehouse Objectives
  • The Receiving Process
  • The Inventory Validation Process
  • What Makes a Good Inventory Management System?
  • Understanding Key Formulas
  • Maintaining Inventory Accuracy
  • The Outbound Process