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Employee Dispute Resolution: Mediation through Peer Review
Back Have you ever been in a workplace situation where a supervisor has made a decision that you don’t agree with? Did you wish that you could ask someone else what they thought of the decision; whether they would have done the same thing? The Peer Review process offers employees just that chance, using a formalised procedure. 

  • What is Peer Review?    
  • Initiating the Process     
  • The Peer Review Panel  
    • Choosing a Facilitator    
    • Choosing the Panel
    • The Panel’s Contract      
    • The Panel’s Role and Responsibilities       
  • Asking Questions                                   
  • The Peer Review Process           
    • Preparing for the Hearing           
    • The Hearing      
    • Making the Decision       
  • Panel Walkthrough                    
  • Why Does the Process Fail?