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Wisdom in Simplicity
Visions Consulting believes that business processes and people are complex in nature and behaviour, but, that the solutions to business processes and people challenges should be simple in nature and process. We believe that each business should develop its own unique signature in doing business by embracing the innovative ideas of its people. We believe that there is no substitute for clear logic!

Visions Consulting engages Business Improvement Processes to unlock efficiencies and synergies in companies. It assists companies to develop a shared vision, mission and organisational culture with the ultimate goal to ensure increased profitability.

Visions Consulting assists companies in developing Business Plans.

Visions Consulting specialises in Human Resources Strategies, Policies and Procedures and therefore engages technical Human Resources Projects such as the writing of relevant and appropriate Policies and Procedures, assist with annual Authorized Complement Planning, Job Profiling, Remuneration Strategies, Recruitment & Selection Processes, Performance Management Processes, Reward and Recognition Strategies, Organisational Development Processes, and Training & Development Interventions.


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