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Our Children are the Future
Visions Consulting believes that the children of all the nations in the world are the entrepreneurs, business minds and leaders of the future. Our children will set the pace for the future and therefore we believe that every nation should take great care in ensuring that education systems are adequate, relevant, caring and of an exceptional high standard.

We should ensure that we do not harm our children in any way during their formative years and to provide our children with the best education possible with the resources at our disposal. We should create the most educational conducive environment for our children in which they can flourish and blossom into mature, well-balanced individuals that will contribute to life.

In fact: business should not harm its people in any way – ever!

Visions Consulting engages Educational Improvement Projects for educational institutions, like schools, educational trusts and tertiary institutions.

Visions Consulting engages Educational Feasibility Studies for the potential establishment of educational facilities like private schools, educational trusts and tertiary institutions.

Visions Consulting facilitates Teacher Team Development programmes to expose teachers to the most current child centred development paradigms and to emphasise the fundamental importance of being constantly aware of the development stages of children and the impact of life’s experiences on the development of our future leaders.

Visions Consulting facilitates an interactive and highly pragmatic School Management Programme to equip school management teams with the skills to effectively lead and manage schools.

Visions Consulting facilitates exciting, visionary team development programmes with Student Representative Councils (SRC). SRC members are challenged early in life to develop a personal vision in life and to define individual values. Group dynamics are explored in an effort to make leaders aware of the value in diversity and equipped with the skills to leverage off of individual strengths.


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