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People Behaviour
Visions Consulting believes that it is the experiences in life that moulds people into behaving in specific ways in different situations and/or environments. Therefore, we believe that a person’s behaviour can be influenced and changed on condition that the expected behaviour change is not in conflict with the person’s individual core values and belief system. Sustainable change is only possible if people voluntarily travel on the journey of change.

Visions Consulting facilitates Team Development interventions for businesses where the primary objective is to align people towards driving towards common objectives.

Visions Consulting facilitates People Change Processes whereby people are progressively prompted to do in-depth introspection into their own value system and deeply held beliefs. The primary objective is to identify behaviour that should be changed because it is unhealthy for the individual and/or has an adverse effect on his/her ability to contribute optimally to his/her working environment. This is a powerful intervention to make people aware of their strengths as well as their individual development needs.


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