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Passionate Competent People
Visions Consulting believes that any successful business is influenced by leaders that have a clearly defined, realistic vision of how the future should look, communicate the vision clearly to all stakeholders and also understand that the vision can only be achieved by taking passionate, competent people along on the journey of discovering the rewards in realising the vision.

Visions Consulting believes that people need to enjoy what they are doing (passion), however, that people will only enjoy what they are doing if they are doing what they want and like to do and know how to do it well (competence).

We believe that competence consists of three components:

  • knowledge of what a person is doing or supposed to do;
  • the skills to effectively (doing the right things) and efficiently (doing the right things really well) apply knowledge and to do what a person is supposed to do;
  • the degree to which a person is demonstrating the desired attitude and behaviour in terms of the relevant business culture.

Visions Consulting believes that all three these components of competence (knowledge, skills and behaviour) should be present in a person in order to make that person competent. This means that if a person has the desired knowledge and skills, however, do not demonstrate the required attitude and behaviour relevant to the culture of the business, then such person would not be classified as being competent for the business. Hence, all three components need to be present in order to classify a person as being competent. Focused competency development interventions need to be engaged in order to address any shortcomings in any of these components in a person.

Visions Consulting facilitates customised People Development Programmes to address relevant and appropriate development requirements. The customised programmes that are facilitated include:

  • People Engineering: A shift from Human Resource Management…
  • Reinventing myself.
  • Organisational Reengineering.
  • Leadership Skills.
  • Supervisory Skills.
  • My Business-My Culture.
  • Business Relationships.
  • Leading Business Negotiations.
  • Leading Change in Dynamic Organisations.
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Effective Business Planning.
  • Managing Outcomes Based Meetings.
  • Business Communication Skills.
  • Establishing a Performance Driven Culture: Beyond merely measuring outputs.
  • Understanding the Value of People Diversity.
  • Understanding and Responding to Conflict Situations.
  • Team Dynamics: An Interdependence Approach.
  • Self Management.
  • Time Management.
  • People Branding: A new recruitment paradigm.
  • How to Write Business Policies.
  • Leading Labour Relations.
  • Coaching and Mentoring Skills.

Visions Consulting also specializes in the wiring of tailored Job/Role Profiles and Competency Profiles
for companies.


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