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Visions Consulting passionately believes that leadership encompasses more than mere focusing on the business vision, culture, business objectives and understanding the dynamics of people. We believe that a critical component of leadership is that a leader should have relevant sound technical knowledge and skills of the particular business which he/she is supposed to lead. Technical knowledge, skills and general know-how gives the leader credibility amongst their peers, followers and all other stakeholders. Therefore, we believe that leadership is a coming together of many elements: the ability to have a clear vision of the future; the ability to communicate the vision, mission and objectives clearly to all stakeholders; the ability to influence people to willingly work to achieve the vision and business objectives; the ability to lead root cause problem solving analysis processes by making use of his/her unique technical know-how; the ability to move people into action; and the ability to show compassion for people.

Visions Consulting assists companies with Leadership Planning Processes by facilitating strategic planning interventions based on international best practice models (step 1). It then assists companies with aligning the various business units within the company to the overall Leadership Plan of the business in order to secure synergy going forward (step2). Visions Consulting then proceeds to define a relevant communication strategy to effectively communicate the Leadership Plan to all levels in the organisation in an effort to obtain the buy-in and support of all people within the company (step 3).

Visions Consulting assists companies with developing dynamic Talent Management Strategies in an effort to identify, develop and retain the Talent Pool (high performing people that demonstrate congruent behaviour in line with the relevant company’s values and has the potential and ability to move to higher levels of responsibility and accountability) of a company.


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