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The Team
Dr. Rudi Koekemoer
Managing Director

Visions Consulting was established by Rudi Koekemoer during 2002 and commenced providing full time consulting services from 2005 after having gained valuable experience in working for major corporations in the capacity as discipline specific human resources manager. Rudi was also a passionate teacher for five (5) years prior to entering the private corporate world. He regards himself as a teacher in life irrespective of the milieu.

Rudi believes that life’s purpose is made known to each and every person during a very personal relationship with the Creator. The purpose of one’s life is a personal revelation, which should be embraced with willing commitment and the vision to live one’s purpose responsibly and deliberately. Rudi further believes that one person’s purpose is not more important than that of another. A person that establishes a successful billion dollar multinational company does not have a more important purpose than a house-wife with the life purpose to raise her children to the best of her ability. If both are living their purposes in life, then both are living purposeful lives, responsibly and deliberately. Our true challenge in life is to find our purpose, to embrace it and to pursue it in a responsible and deliberate manner.

Rudi was awarded with the Namibian Institute of People Management’s (IPM) prestigious Human Resources Practitioner of the Year Award in 2003 for his contribution to people development. He was also certified by the IPM as a Master Human Resources Practitioner.

Rudi holds a Doctorate in Business Administration Degree specialising in Leadership Development. He passionately believes in the influencing power of leaders and therefore continuously emphasises the fact that leadership is in the grasp of each and every individual. The challenge for each person is to discover his/her own unique leadership skill/-s and to use it to inspire people to greatness. 



Mrs Belina (Lientjie) Koekemoer
Finance & Administration Director

Visions Consulting’s Finance and Administration Director is Belina Koekemoer. She is the wife of Rudi and passionately believes in the Visions Consulting philosophy and vision. She willingly travels on the journey of finding and living one’s purpose in life while being strongly rooted in the fertile soil of reality and logic.

Belina is gifted with a wealth of analytical- and systematic reasoning abilities and therefore ensures the administrative and financial well being of Visions Consulting. She holds an advanced administrative diploma from a reputable college. 


Mr Kobus Lombard
Senior Business Consultant

Kobus has 35 years in-company Human Resource (HR) Management experience of which 30 years in a supervisory and senior managerial capacity. Having been responsible for a large organization’s total HR function, he had the privilege of being exposed to the full spectrum of HR disciplines. This exposure not only provided him with a thorough basis for integrative HR Management, but also sensitivity for the organizational culture in which such function could be optimized. Kobus is also a celebrated Afrikaans poet and was nominated for the coveted Ingrid Jonker Prys in 2003 for Geknipte Naelstring (2003). He was also recognized for Tussen Wysvinger en Duim (2005), Vlerke vir my Houteend (2010) and Skadu oor die Sonwyser (2015). He brings a wealth of experience and unique, creative paradigms to the consulting milieu.


Ms Leandra Kotze
Business Support Consultant

Leandra obtained various tertiary diploma’s in marketing management and boasts nine years experience in the retail environment. Leandra dedicated two years of her life to discovering the cultural treasures of Europe upon completion of her secondary education. This passion for diversity and in providing an exceptional service is a great asset to Visions Consulting. Leandra forms an integral part of the our administrative support service.



Ms Marie Grobler
Business Support Consultant

Mariť boasts with eight (8) years’ experience in various business environments where she provided administrative and management support services.  She has been recognised for her dedication and passion for delivering unrivaled service to clients, with unquestionable integrity.  Mariť is committed to life-long learning which is evident from her academic background.  She holds a MBA from the University of South Africa.  She is also a registered Estate Agent and has completed various professional and leadership courses including project management.



Mr Owen Williams
Business Support Consultant

Owen graduated with an Honours Degree in Industrial Psychology from the University of Namibia. He is passionate about people and the impact employees have on organisations. He is fascinated about the interplay between organisational strategy, processes and people. Owen is committed to gaining valuable experience on his journey of making a difference, in service of people.


Mr Willem De Waal
Business Support Consultant

Willem graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Marketing and Management Theory from the IMM Graduate School in Stellenbosch and is presently completing an honours degree. Willem believes in the power of living a balanced life. He values close relationships and believes in the importance of collaborating with stakeholders. Willem embraces a positive mindset and shares this philosophy with people that crosses his path in life.


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